Although there are problems that could arise from options like a bring your own device policy, business intelligence and cloud computing, there are also many benefits that technology solutions can offer a company, according to Rob Preston, vice president and editor in chief of InformationWeek.

"There are two types of business technology organizations: those whose main mission is to create and pursue opportunities, and those preoccupied with putting out fires and solving problems," Preston wrote. "Opportunities are the stuff of growth and success: more revenue, fatter profits, happier customers. Problem solving is more about upkeep and survival: system maintenance, software patches, security plugs."

With BYOD, he said the problem is making sure employees aren't putting the company in danger by using it, and the opportunity is in making these employees more productive. With the cloud, problems are likely to arise should the company stop other departments from implementing a cloud-based solution without IT assistance, but business needs to look at what the company can do to help itself become more efficient and function better.

Jim Reavis, a co-founder of the Cloud Security Alliance, told SC Magazine if infrastructures are developed correctly, companies should have more control in cloud-based services than they normally would. Companies must look carefully at this before implementation.