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Cloud-based solutions improving data protection  [11/14/2013]
Cloud Backup, Data Protection, Mobile Device Management, Cloud Computing, Cloud-Based Solutions, Cloud-based Services, Bring Your Own Device
Private cloud computing adoption spikes  [11/13/2013]
Private cloud computing solutions are experiencing larger adoption rates as organizations around the world come to realize the benefits.
New EY report outlines rising cybersecurity threats  [11/12/2013]
A new report details the rising threats to cybersecurity and the necessary steps to counter them.
Employees are driving cloud computing adoption  [11/11/2013]
Employees are becoming a driving force behind enterprise cloud adoption.
Cloud service providers' role grow as skills gap widens  [11/08/2013]
The lack of adept cloud IT professionals is widening the skills gap, making the role of cloud service providers even more important.
Cloud computing and BYOD in the healthcare industry  [11/07/2013]
The healthcare industry is finding a growing need for cloud computing services and the implementation of BYOD policies.
How enterprises can alleviate BYOD and cloud computing concerns  [11/06/2013]
Safeguards offered through managed service providers and the invention of new security techniques can help ease enterprise concerns related to BYOD and cloud computing.
How to be successful with cloud computing  [11/05/2013]
By following ten important steps, businesses can ensure their cloud deployment is succuessful.
Cloud computing will account for majority of IT spending by 2016  [11/04/2013]
Gartner predicts cloud computing will account for the majority of IT spending by 2016.
From security to industry, cloud service providers have something to offer  [10/31/2013]
Cloud-based managed service providers can offer solutions that transform industries and cybersecurity.