Looking to expand beyond its current market, U.K. cycling and sporting eCommerce company Wiggle will  utilize cloud based services to become a global player in the industry, according to CIO.co.uk. The company, which CIO calls "the Amazon of participatory sports like cycling, running and triathlon," is thriving from growth of the sports market and will try to expand beyond where it currently stands. Wiggle CIO Mark Dermody said the company is considering many options, but wants to have master data management in their cloud computing solutions.

Dermody said he sees the cloud as an inevitability for his operation, especially software as a service, as it is already being utilized by the company for customer services, the contact center and development. He expects the cloud to help the organization scale far beyond where they were currently are. 

"As you get bigger you do need more process and as you add more process you must not lose the agility and innovation," he said.

A recent report by IDG Enterprise found that companies are using cloud based services for business data and application storage (56 percent), as a catalyst for innovation (56 percent) and enabling more IT agility (54 percent).