The time of large-scale business investments in on-premises software and hardware such as servers is likely coming to an end, according to a blog post by Quentin Hardy for The New York Times. New competition among tech companies for business will mean more investment in cloud based services.

"With autumn, we begin the new round of tech announcements, the way Detroit used to announce next year's car models," Hardy wrote. "What you should look for is how the old guard adapts to the cloud, and how the new guys aim to consolidate disparate offerings and win trust."

Organizations are now looking past business systems based on computer servers and personal computers and moving toward the world of tablets and smartphones. Many heavyweight contenders are stepping up to try to win new business, in addition to smaller organizations who are trying to make headway into the space.

There will be plenty of new business to go around, as cloud-based services are growing at a faster rate than the overall IT market, according to Gartner. While 38 percent use the cloud today, 80 percent said they intend to within the next year.