Cloud based services are becoming ever-more popular for businesses everywhere, and IT professional and InfoWorld blogger David Linthicum wrote that the supply of skilled workers is being surpassed by demand. Organizations can get help with their cloud computing solutions from providers, but having in-house expertise would and should be sought out as soon as possible.

Linthicum said enterprises use many clouds, something a cloud IT specialist should be able to help manage better. There would also be a different understanding of a variety of clouds and the ability to more readily step into the future with a cloud professional.

"Although most enterprises won't like the idea of a 'pre-spending' exercise, the reality is that it will take you three to six months to find the right people," he wrote. "So waiting until you have a concrete need is too late. This is a strategic move. If you believe that cloud computing is the near-term and long-term direction for enterprise IT, you need the strategic and tactical skills to support that migration."

IT professional Raj Mehta said the growth spurt of cloud jobs should has been spurred by an organizational interest in the technology, eWEEK reported. A study the website cited by Wanted Analytics said there is a 61 percent increase in demand for cloud professionals.