Cloud computing solutions have become one of the more heavily adopted technological advances of recent years and InfoWorld reported that the IT job sector has hit a 15-year employment high as of last month. A good amount of this month's jobs may be due to the fact that cloud based services have become so popular, as said the number of postings with the word "cloud" hit an all-time high this month at 5,000, up 32 percent from this time last year.

"There's an upswing in cloud services and cloud technology-related job opportunities," says Shravan Goli, president of Dice. "Big data, Hadoop and other open-source technologies have also picked up steam quite a bit,"

Big data saw a 127 percent growth over the last year in job postings, Goli said and Devops, has also seen an increase in demand as IT infrastructure transitions from standard on-premise IT to cloud computing solutions.

TechTarget said companies searching for people to work in cloud computing services roles will often look to architects who can first define the cloud, from the business requirements to the deployment of the solution. This will often be with the companies that are just starting out with the technology, which happens to be the majority of businesses working with the cloud currently.