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Private cloud computing adoption spikes  [11/13/2013]
Private cloud computing solutions are experiencing larger adoption rates as organizations around the world come to realize the benefits.
Cloud service providers' role grow as skills gap widens  [11/08/2013]
The lack of adept cloud IT professionals is widening the skills gap, making the role of cloud service providers even more important.
Demand up for cloud talent; get it while it can be got  [09/27/2013]
Cloud based services are becoming ever-more-popular for businesses everywhere and IT professional and InfoWorld blogger David Linthicum wrote that the supply of skilled workers is being surpassed by the demand.
Why US government is flocking to cloud based services  [09/27/2013]
The U.S government has been "aggressively" capitalizing on cloud based services, according to industry professional Sujatha Perepa on and said much it is due to the bad financial state that many agencies are currently in.
US may need to improve broadband for cloud's sake  [09/26/2013]
A recent report by NetIndex found that U.S. consumer broadband speeds only rank 33rd in the world right now. This is a problem for the spread of cloud based services, as good Internet speeds are needed to help innovate new and improved technology.
UK retailer looking to grow larger with the cloud  [09/16/2013]
Looking to expand beyond and grow beyond where they currently are, U.K. cycling and sporting eCommerce company Wiggle will look to utilize cloud based services to become a player in the global market, according to CIO.
Tech announcements now more centered around cloud  [09/10/2013]
Time is likely coming to an end for large-scale investments in businesses spending on hardware items, servers and on-premise software, according to a blog post by Quentin Hardy on The New York Times' website
Public cloud spending expected to reach nearly $108 billion  [09/04/2013]
While skittish at first, many companies are starting to realize just how beneficial use of public cloud computing services could be for their organization. A recent forecast from the International Data Corporation found that worldwide spending on public cloud based services will reach $47.4 billion this year and be worth nearly $108 billion by 2017.
Enterprises set to invest more in the cloud  [09/04/2013]
Enterprises have had somewhat of a distrust of cloud based services since it first came into popularity, but that may be quickly changing, according to TheInfoPro, a service of 451 Research.
Cloud helping drive job market  [08/15/2013]
Cloud computing solutions have become one of the more heavily adopted technological advances of recent years and InfoWorld reported that the IT job sector has hit a 15-year employment high as of last month.