Cloud computing may help IT infrastructure for charity organizations evolve, according to a recent Guardian blog post. Charity websites experience unique IT challenges, including large spikes in traffic during events, noted blog author Dan Sutherland, CEO of cloud service provider Carrenza.

The challenge lies in implementing a solution that can handle large amounts of temporary traffic during events, but doesn't waste energy when website traffic drops again. According to Sutherland, cloud computing is the solution because of its ability to quickly and efficiently scale capacity to meet an organization's needs.

The ability to scale down allows cloud solutions to use less energy when an organization's capacity demand decreases. Virtualization - wherein a single, energy-efficient data center is able to host multiple virtual servers  - has also played a role in increased energy savings by reducing the total number of data centers that must be maintained to reach the same capacity.

Charities aren't the only organizations that could benefit from virtualization and the cloud's scalability.