One cloud services provider in Albany, New York, is trying to use green IT in cloud computing to help attract more customers, which David Chernicoff of ZDNet said is something that businesses should consider in the cloud.

"To start with, their datacenter facility is a repurposed U.S. Post Office building, which certainly qualifies as recycling," he said in the post. "Various studies have shown the repurposing an appropriate building into a datacenter can result in both significant cost savings and a much more green approach to building, with some percentage of the existing infrastructure, beyond the building shell, being able to be recycled for use in the datacenter or simply being appropriately recycled."

The company has also been supplying 75 percent of its own power and implemented a cold containment system for energy and cooling management. This could be seen as a big positive by companies looking to have less of a negative effect on the environment in their IT department.

More cloud computing businesses can be green IT friendly, according to Greenpeace, which said many major cloud providers have failed at being environmentally friendly.