Companies looking to practice a green IT approach should take a look at what cloud computing can bring to the table. A recent Google Green Blog post said companies may be able to save 65 to 85 percent in energy costs by moving productivity tools to a cloud computing solution.

"A typical organization has a lot more servers than it needs—for backup, failures and spikes in demand for computing," according to Urs Hoelzle, senior vice president for technical infrastructure at Google. "Cloud-based service providers … aggregate demand across thousands of people, substantially increasing how much servers are utilized. And our data centers use equipment and software specially designed to minimize energy use. The cloud can do the same work much more efficiently than locally hosted servers."

The Carbon Disclosure Project said companies that move to the cloud in the United States could save 85.7 metric tons of CO2 and $12.3 billion by 2020.

Organizations must weigh the pros and cons of the cloud and look at how their company may be able to handle it before committing to a solution, according to PCWorld.