Data centers are a big part of the IT world these days, but there has been a lot of concern about the amount of emissions these centers could give out. Hydrogen Fuel News said cloud computing could be a way for these companies to lessen the environmental blow of data center emissions.

"Data centers consume a massive amount of energy during their operational lifetime, a fact that is becoming more of a concern for the companies running them," the news source said. "Recently, several large technology companies, such as Apple and Google, have been working to make their data centers more environmentally friendly by adoption hydrogen fuel cells. AT&T believes that there may be a simpler and more cost-effective way to reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption of these facilities."

Green IT may be led by cloud computing, but companies must look into what their provider is doing for the environment and whether their solution has an environmental advantage.

The Carbon Disclosure Project said U.S. companies that move to the cloud by 2020 could have an annual energy savings of $12.3 billion and save enough oil to power 5.7 million cars in one year.