For green IT, not much has been bigger than solar panels and arrays over the past five years. Danny Kennedy, Sungevity's president and founder, told AOL Energy recently that he believes the current state of the solar industry is similar to the computer chip industry of 20 to 30 years ago when innovation was starting to leap forward. Kennedy believes cloud computing can only help move this innovation forward.

"The proprietary software leverages satellite imagery and local power pricing data contained in cloud networks to analyze the roof azimuths, shadow angles and cost information needed to generate residential solar system specifications customized for individual homeowners," AOL Energy said. "Sungevity also provides customers with an option to lease a solar system, helping reduce up-front costs and easing financing."

By finding this information in the cloud, there is a significant cost savings achieved which can eliminate the need to maintain a fleet of vehicles. This will help give less expensive quotes to customers and increase efficiency across the industry, all of which could help drive solar power forward.

Alan Lee, corporate vice president of research and advanced development at AMD, said his company is working with state energy agencies to channel green energy into cloud computing data centers. This is one move of many to help fuse green IT and cloud computing.