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Cloud found to be great for green IT  [07/02/2013]
The green IT value of cloud based services has been an issue of debate over the past couple of years, but according to a recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University, there is a lot of potential to save on energy costs and emissions.
Data centers striving to be more sustainable  [11/13/2012]
There has been huge growth in the number of data centers powering cloud computing solutions and in the amount of power the locations use.
Cloud computing can help with energy use efficiency  [09/24/2012]
Cloud computing services have started to become a prominent fixture of many companies and Urs Holzle, senior vice president for technical infrastructure at Google, said it can help companies use their energy more efficiently as well.
Cloud could help make data center more efficient  [07/11/2012]
Data centers are a big part of the IT world these days, but there has been a lot of concern about the amount of emissions these centers could give out. Hydrogen Fuel News said cloud computing could be a way for these companies to lessen the environmental blow of data center emissions.
Carbon emissions fall as the cloud rises  [06/20/2012]
Companies looking for a green IT solution may want to investigate cloud computing, as it can offer more simple maintenance, faster updates and lower costs, as well as the ability to cut emissions and energy costs, according to TechTarget.
Green IT can be helped by the cloud  [06/19/2012]
Companies looking to practice a green IT approach should take a look at what cloud computing can bring to the table. A recent Google Green Blog post said companies may be able to save 65 to 85 percent in energy costs by moving productivity tools to a cloud computing solution.
Cloud computing helpful for solar industry  [05/25/2012]
For green IT, not much has been bigger than solar panels and arrays over the past five years. Danny Kennedy, Sungevity's president and founder, told AOL Energy recently that he believes the current state of the solar industry is similar to the computer chip industry of 20 to 30 years ago when innovation was starting to leap forward. Kennedy believes cloud computing can only help move this innovation forward.
Cloud computing improves green business design practices  [05/14/2012]
Earlier this year, the environmental activist group Greenpeace challenged the eco-friendliness of several major companies and their cloud computing datacenters.
The cloud could help charities and enterprises realize significant energy savings  [05/02/2012]
Cloud computing may help IT infrastructure for charity organizations evolve, according to a recent Guardian blog post.
New York data center tries to deliver green cloud  [04/20/2012]
One cloud services provider in Albany, New York, is trying to use green IT in cloud computing to help attract more customers, which David Chernicoff of ZDNet said is something that businesses should consider in the cloud.