Cloud computing may eventually influence traffic patterns in big cities. According to a recent InformationWeek report, telecommuting - working from home using cloud-based applications - is one of 15 green technology innovations that began having a significant impact in 2010.

Employees who telecommute utilize their own hardware and internet connection in order to access their employers' IT systems. In many cases, they also utilize cloud-based communications services for communication with coworkers in other locations.

According to the report, telecommuting was once a luxury afforded only to a small number of workers. The growth of cloud computing has enabled a growing number of workers to get their job done at home.

The increasing number of workers accessing their systems from home is likely to reduce commuter traffic, according to the report. This, in turn, may help decrease carbon emissions. In addition, many workers regularly use two computers - one at work and another at home. As a growing number of employees begin working at home, hardware duplication may decrease

Cloud computing is set to have a growing influence on the global IT market. According to a recent presentation by IDC vice president Stephen Minton, 15 percent of IT revenues will come from cloud-related services in 2011.