The Distributed Management Task Force, a body that brings together organizations from the IT industry to collaborate on systems management standards development, promotion, validation and adoption, recently announced the formation of a group to discuss the issue of software license management in cloud computing environments.

According to the DMTF, the industry currently lacks any standards-based practices or supporting tools for the licensing of product usage in cloud computing environments.

Cloud computing has added considerable complexity to license management systems, making it more difficult for companies to produce an accurate software inventory.

Winston Bumpus, president of DMTF, said the organization has "a proven track record of developing industry-wide standard[s] and is an industry leader in the development of cloud management standards through our Open Cloud Standards Incubator and our Cloud Management Working Group.”

DMTF works with the IT industry to promote system management standards. The body currently has more than 160 member companies and organizations, across 43 countries. The group's board of directors is led by 15 industry-leading technology companies.