With public cloud computing services growing quickly, the hybrid cloud may not be far behind, according to Johan De Gelas on AnandTech's website.

De Gelas said the hybrid cloud would ideally let people transfer their cloud workload between their own private cloud data center and public clouds. He writes the idea started to materialize in a realistic way in the the last year. While it could eventually be a working model, he said that in asking around, several people have said it makes service level agreements more complex or impossible, but others have seemed to enjoy the speed and agility the hybrid cloud brings.

"Making use of Infrastructure as a Service is a lot cheaper than buying and administering too many servers just to be able to handle any bursty peak of traffic," De Gelas said. "But once you run 24/7 services on IaaS, the Amazon prices go up significantly and it remains to be seen if making use of a public cloud is really cheaper than running your applications in your own dataroom. So combining the best of both worlds seems like a very good idea."

Olafur Ingthorsson writes on Cloud Computing Topics that with hybrid clouds, IT managers can decide on what information should be in the private or moved to the public cloud. By having this option, he said overcapacity is minimized and applications are balanced out. Companies are also able to move peak-loads and less critical apps to the public cloud.