Classrooms are growing in size and cloud computing solutions are growing across the country. Naibo Yu, Youth Business International Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and founder of HowLang Group, wrote a column on Huffington Post that over in China, teachers can have up to 60 students in a given class, so there is a great need to help evenly distribute teaching resources for all of these kids. He said he founded HowLang to help create cloud-based educational tools for the classroom, and sees a big future between the two industries.

"Our new solution to the challenges of modern teaching in China was to use cloud computing," he said. "Students can access lesson plans on their PC or tablet (like an iPad), and work through the lesson. These lessons can be accessed at any location and anyone can use the resources freely. The teachers use the platform for teaching, the students use the platform for learning, and parents can use it to see how their child is doing at school and share their feedback with the teachers. At the same time, participants can ask and answer questions and share knowledge to help others."

Yu said having this type of open platform solution should allow teachers to easily access content for use in the classroom. However, for this to happen, teachers should be getting up to date knowledge of technology. With a better understanding of this, Yu wrote that analytics and data to help show educators how to better work with a system.

Cloud contributing in the U.S. as well 
On Cisco's Network blog, Curtis Bonk, a professor of education at Indiana University, said that cloud computing in education is something of a "revolution."

"Education doesn't have to take place with the teacher front and center and students sitting in rows," Bonk said. "It can take place outside, under a tree branch, on a boat or plane, in a grocery store or while hiking, if you have an internet connection. The huge strength of the cloud is content online and open-ed resources, a lot of which are free. …This shared online video is one of the immense opportunities sitting in front of every educator's eyes."

Cloud computing services may be in their beginning days in education, by people like Yu and Bonk see a great amount of potential in the industry converging into classrooms.